Business Maps Overview

How Business Maps Work

We all know that business owners have a lot of choices to make about how their business and personal finances interact. Each choice has potential benefits and consequences. Cash Flow Mapping allows you to show your clients the interaction between their business and personal cash flow by linking the two through employment and distributions.

·         Properly show pass through distributions, tax liabilities, and deductions on your client's Family Map to help illustrate how choices will impact both their personal and business cash flow.

·         Display multiple options and build comparisons for your client to make informed decisions.

·         For transitions in your client's business, help them understand each stage of building their business, retirement, selling their business, optimizing for tax strategy or other choices that fit your expertise and clearly show them the impact on both their business and personal cash flow.

·         Use pre-built language settings to label business metrics for your client in terms that they are familiar with.